About Us

Mechanical Design:


 Central Plant Heating and Cooling Systems 
     Boiler Design 
     Chiller Design 
     Cooling Tower Design 
     Pumping Systems 
     Heating water, chilled water, and condenser 
     Water Piping Systems 
Office VAV Systems
Retail Constant Volume Systems  
Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Design
Existing System Renovations and Remodels 

Electrical Design:


Site Photometric Analysis 

Interior and Exterior Lighting Design 

Electrical Service One-Line Diagrams 

Short Circuit Analysis 

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Office Tenant Finish Design 

Office Core and Shell Design 

Retail Big Box Design 

Office/Warehouse Design 

Recreation Center Design 

Medical Office Building Design 

Medical Imaging Equipment Infrastructure Design 

Generator Design and Specification 

Computer Room UPS Design and Specification 

Fire Alarm Design and Layout  

Telecommunication Infrastructure Design 

Security System Infrastructure Design 

Energy Code Compliance Analysis

Plumbing Design:


 Commercial waste and vent systems.
Commercial domestic water and hot water systems.
Storm water systems.
Commercial plumbing systems design.
Grease waste systems.
Sump pump/sewage ejector design.
Medical gas systems for hospitals and clinics.
Veterinarian clinic plumbing and medical gas systems
Vacuum systems.
Compressed air equipment and piping design.
Natural gas piping systems. 
Utility Service Coordination